New Basque French Coast & Country tour and Bespoke Transfer Tour San Sebastian to Bilbao

San Juan de Gastalugatxe

Last year we had many requests to explore the French side of the Basque Country with you and it turned out to be a favorite. Also taking the slow route along the coastline between San Sebastian and Bilbao to show you the sights, secrets and mysteries of this special area was a top bespoke trip.

So we’ve designed two new Experience San Sebastian tours which are stunning sightseeing trips to give you spectacular scenery and a real flavour for the area.
Get a real taste for what’s on the other side of the border with the French Coast and Country tour. The main stops will be Saint jean de Luz, Biarritz, Sara and Ainhoa.
For the Bespoke Coastal transfer tour, don’t miss out on what’s in between San Sebastian and Bilbao. It’s an absolute jewel of an area with stunning views, and historic towns, ending in Bilbao before we drop you off at the airport. This tour we can completely tailor make to suit your timing and of course it can be reversed starting in Bilbao and finishing in San Sebastian.

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We provide San Sebastian day tours all year round. If you would like more details on our sightseeing, explore tours or any of our other activities please get in touch [email protected]

Biarritz coast & lighthouse

Beautiful Biarritz

macaron in France

The sweet side

French Basque village tour

Summer streets

Bilbao san sebastian coast tour

Basque Coast mysteries

The guggenheim

The glorious Guggenheim

Biarritz surf and waves

Dreamy views of the Basque Coast

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