suRF trIPs

SuRf safArI

SuRf safArI

Lets surf, explore and escape the crowds for the best surf trip with all the locals insiders knowledge

We'll take you out of the city, down the coast and into some of the best waves you will find in the Basque Country and up into France. From Hossegor to Mundaka this coastline is one of the best place for surfing in the world. There's an amazing variety of waves to suit every level of surfing. With over thirty years of experience we can take you to the spots that we know will be on. 
Bring your own gear or we can provide you with all the equipment you need depending on your level. Getting you right where you want to be with the local knowledge you need. 

Lets go surfing!


Start – 7.30am
Finish – 12.00pm

We’ll pick you up at your hotel then drive to the area we predict will be the most suitable for you and your level on the day. We will drop you back at your hotel after your tour.

(Suitable for kids +6 years depending on their level)


1-2 people total 320€
Extra person + 70€

Up to 7 people.
Larger groups – please contact us for a quote.


Exclusive guide
All transport costs
Refreshment & Snack
Foamy Surfboard *
Private tour

* For those of youo that already surf, if you don’t have your own gear with you (board, wetsuit, leash), tell us what you ride and we’ll get equipment as close as possible to your needs +30€ pp

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POint BreaKS, BaRRELling BEACHIES & Hidden ReeFS, Let the COAST LiGHT Up.

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