SUp (stand up paddle board) ToUR:

The RolliNg RiveR EscaPE

The Rolling River EscApE 

If you really want to see a different side of the Basque Country, this is a secret we just have to share. 

We’ll take you to explore the untouched Oria river that meanders for over 80 km before reaching the sea. This really is a special SUP experience where you melt along the stillness of the river between the luscious, most insane countryside without a single sign of people, the wildlife spotting is spectacular all ending up in Orio the charming fishing village nestled in the coast line, where we can organise one of the best local restaurants to top off your tour. 

This exclusive trip is absolutely unbeatable, one you never will forget and one that we love doing time and time again. 


Start – 9.30am / Finish – 1.30pm
Start – 3.00pm / Finish – 7.00pm
(This tour is tidal so timing can vary depending on the tide).

We’ll pick you up at your hotel then drive the small distance to the area. We will drop you back at your hotel after your tour.

Please let us know if you would like us to reserve a restaurant in the area.
Please bring a towel, swimwear and footwear that can get wet.

(suitable for kids 9 years +)
Kayaks available if preferred


1-2 people total 350€
Extra person + 70€

Up to 7 people.
Larger groups – please contact us for a quote.


Exclusive guide
Instruction if necessary
Paddle board or Kayak
Transport costs
Refreshment & Basque picnic
Private tour

MiRroR Flat & nOt SoUl AROuND

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