San Sebastian day otherwise known as "Dia San Sebastian" is back after a 2 year hiatus!

20th January celebrates the Patron Saint of San Sebastian and it's one of the most beloved days for local Donostiarras. The official start to the amazing 24hr fiesta is midnight 00.00 when the city's iconic blue and white flag is raised and the city fires up.

San Sebastian day tamborrada

We head to the nucleus of the "Old Part" Plaza Constitution where the official celebration kicks off. Tamborradas, drumming with local dancers and singers.  It is a completely unique experience and the atmosphere is absolutely electric. It's usually a cold night and this years not looking any different but we have never really had an issue with the freezing or the wet, it comes with the territory.

Over the next 24hrs the whole community will be out in force celebrating through the streets of the city with an open door policy on the usually private cooking societies.

San Sebastian day

And what's with all the drumming?

Arguably the drums and dress up all started back in 1836 in the local carnival celebrating San Sebastian day but for the drumming tradition you have to go way back when.....
Rumour has it the French soldiers, brass band in tow were marching through the city showing off. The local chefs and artisans used to come out taking the mickey by banging barrels imitating the soldiers and there you have it!

There are now around 150 different Tamborradas in San Sebastián who all have an designated area and time that they play and march through the city. Each Tamborrada is made up of a mix of soldiers and chefs each with up to 50 drums and 100 barrels  accompanied by a brass band and flag-bearers bringing one huge winter tune and party to the streets of Donostia.

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YES Autumn might just be our favourite time of the year in San Sebastian!

This season September, October, November in the Basque Country is ticking all the boxes.

Here's our "TOP 10 REASONS" why you should book your trip post Summer.

  1. It's probably the driest months of the year, yes folks it rains in San Sebastian but consistently less in Autumn than Spring.Sunset on Basque Coastline
  2. The weathers still on point, between 18 - 30 degrees. Fresh mornings, sunny, hot days and cool nights, is there anything better?
    Birdseye view of San Sebastian
  3. The sea's still warm so Swimming, Sailing, Surfing and Stand up paddleboarding are all on the cards.jumping into the sea in La Concha bay San Sebastian.
  4. It's harvest time which means if you like wine  a visit to La Rioja is an absolute must. See the inner workings of the wineries at their most exciting when all the magic happens. An absolute treat to see the art of vino.Grapes in La Rioja
  5. They don't call it the beautiful Basque Country for nothing and rolling into Autumn it's spectacular, whether it's hiking inland or out on the coast, bike rides through the woods or exploring up into France on those clear cut days.mountain biking in the woods Basque Country
  6. It's a whole lost quieter, Summers finished and there's a relaxed vibe everywhere from the beaches to the bars.La Concha beach in San Sebastian city
  7. Less people means it's easier to get into exclusive hotels, restaurants and visit our favourite pintxo spots.San Sebastian pintxos
  8. It's swell season, after days and days of small surf September is when those ground swells start to roll in and the whole coast lights up.Basque surf
  9. There's still so much going on with the San Sebastian International film festival in September being a full highlight.San Sebastian International film festival, crowd infront of building Kursaal
  10. It's sunset time, brooding red skies for days & days.San Sebastian, Spain city sunset

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With ten days of freezing cold conditions and a week long run of snow. It didn’t quite reach the sandy shores of San Sebastian but you only had to take a step outside the city and head up into the Basque Country hills and the Winter Wonderland was yours for the taking.

We decided to take the camera with us for our adventure up Bianditz, about 20 minutes drive from San Sebastian. We met some skiers along the way, sucked in view after view and Borja our main guide didn’t let us down as he braved the icy river for a brain freeze swim post hike.

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