Sailing, cooking class and a large dose of vino.

Our latest bespoke tour was three days we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

We kicked off with a pintxo tour of the old part, all our favourites on the menu and definitely off the beaten path from the usual hot spots, topped off with goblets of gin and tonic and a cheesecake surprise.

The next day we had a mellow start by hopping aboard the incredible Lucretia, a beautiful ninety seven year old, sixty foot, wooden hull yacht. There was a light breeze making the perfect conditions to cruise down the coast, we stopped off at Getaria for a superb lunch, wandered the streets of the lovely old fishing port where we spotted the old tradition of fixing the nets, before heading back to San Sebastian.

The final outing started with a trip East to Txakoli territory, with a full tour of the grounds and vineyard, we took a breather on the patio surrounded by vines we had a taster and tapas session.
We didnt want to get too full as next on the list is the cooking class in one of the top seafood restaurants in the area and of course we got to eat our hard afternoons work. Overlooking the sea we relaxed, filled our bellies and sipped the areas finest vino.

We provide San Sebastian day tours all year round. If you would like more details please get in touch

San Sebastian Sailing trip

The beautiful yacht Lucretia

San Sebastian sailing

Fine tuning as we head down the coast.

repairing fishing nets

Repairing the nets

Seafood cooking class

Cooking class starts with pescado

learning to cut ham

Onto to the art of slicing the ham

Fresh seafood San Juan

The best part!

YoU Might LikE to reAD...

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