Thinking of surfing in San Sebastian and the Basque country? We'll tell you the best time of the year to come, where and why. 

One guarantee is you'll get waves whatever time of the year you come! The Basque coastline feels the full front of the Atlantic, with it's deep trench not far off the shore it picks up a lot of swell and makes it one of the most consistent places for surf.

There's a huge variety of waves to suit whatever surfer you maybe, from the pumping beachies of South West France to long pointbreaks and slabby reefs.

Lets take a deep dive into the real deal of surfing in this vibrant coastal region.

Les Landes surfing beach breaks



As the Basque countryside bursts into bloom, so do the surf possibilities. No frills, just consistent swells and relatively quiet beaches with a relaxed local crew. The water's still cold, as in a 13 degrees chill so the 4'3 wetsuit is on and there's that core crowd who don't mind the odd ice cream head. It's the season for the surfer who appreciates a quiet line up, chunky swells, cosy bars and a step into cider season with a post-surf sidreria.

Mundaka surf trip


Warm water, head high pealers, glassy mornings, hot, silky sunsets, surfing in boardies, surf schools and more surf schools. It's Summer and everyone's in the sea and it's blinking delightful. There's still swell but if you really want to get good waves this is the time to escape the hot mess of the city's and towns and head out to the countryside. Up to the lesser known beachies of South West France or West into craggy coast of Spain. There's plenty of spaces and places off the Euro surf hotline where you can get a quiet surf with easy vibes, nice peaks and pealers.

It's the smallest time of the year which makes it perfect for beginners, kids and it's a longboarding heaven.
Hazy days, festivals, beach chiringitos, alfresco everything, Summer is always a good plan in the Basque Country.


Long boarder surfing in San Sebastian



Hands down Autumn for us is the golden ticket. September comes and the general scene quietens down, kids go back to school, the world seems more relaxed and those ground swells start to appear on the long range.

In recent years Autumn has felt more like Summer; hot, dry and the water stays warm enough for boardies rolling into October. All those memories of surfing the good spots start to come back as the coast lights up and surfing becomes exciting once more. There's a mellow mood in the line ups as the forecast says offshore and waves for days.

There really is no where else we'd rather be surfing from September through to November in the Basque Country.

San Sebastian Spain Surf trip to Mundaka



I mean is Winter really that cold in the Basque Country anymore?

Recently there's been no wetsuits hoods and only a few ice cream heads. More importantly empty beaches and quiet line ups with consistent swells. Winter surfing is not for the faint hearted, the swells are bigger, the currents are stronger and there's a chill but there's a rawness about surfing in winter with a camaraderie that goes with it. Post festivities the waves can get huge and the wind can howl onshore but there's always the in-between slices of dream, wintery scenes.

And you know if it doesn't all work out you can hotfoot it to the Pyrenees for some snow & vin chaud.

big wave surfing in the Basque Country

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